Five useful content creation tools

Fancy experimenting with long form content? Need to create some basic infographics? Or finding it hard to concentrate when writing? Here are five very useful apps for content creators.

1. Easelly

Every website should include striking infographics, but creating them can be time consuming or expensive if they are being produced by someone else. One answer is Easelly which is a new-ish app that helps the user create infographics in a quick and easy way. It boasts a number of templates which the writer then customises using drag and drop. It isn’t the last word in infographic creation, but it is very simple to use and rather handy.

2. Aesop’s Story Engine 

There are now lots of examples of great long form content online which marry strong images, interactive graphics and smart video. If you use WordPress and want to experiment with long form content then Aesop’s Story Engine is a good place to start. It is a WordPress app that enables the user to grab elements - images, video, graphics and lots more - and seamlessly integrate them on to a page. There are also now themes which storytellers can use which enable the user to create striking looking content out of the box too.

3. Buzzsumo

This is a very useful content analytics tool. You input a website URL, permalink or key word and it will show you which content has been most successful in terms of its social shares. It is fascinating information and you can set up email alerts on key words, sites etc. to keep you up to date. 

4. Focus Booster

If you find that your mind is endlessly wandering when you are supposed to be creating content then Focus Booster could well be the app for you. It is basically a digital vision of the Pomodoro Technique which assumes that your work best in short bursts. So it aims to keep you free of distractions via a colour coded timer which you follow. It sounds a little odd, but it really does significantly increase your productivity when writing.

5. Yoast

Put simply this is the easiest to use and most popular search engine optimisation tool for WordPress available. If you want to ensure that your content is a Google friendly as possible then Yoast, which gives you a series of fields to fill in, will help considerably. It not only judges how SEO ready your content is, but makes suggestions as to how you can improve your story’s Google/Yahoo/Bing compatibility.

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4thSep 2014

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