From the Daily Prophet to the Daily Mail, content marketing comes alive

In a world seemingly far away lives a magical newspaper. It's content is no ordinary content - it is alive! Images move as if the people within are living between the lines and text updates in an instant as the latest stories roll in. This paper builds a relationship with the reader, providing them with what they want and must know. From escapes from Azkaban to Weasley relationship gossip, The Daily Prophet has been the forefront of the Wizarding world but now, for the first time ever, its magic is taking our world by storm.

While Hogwarts is still a figment of our imaginations, its newspaper The Daily Prophet is quite the opposite. Today, The Daily Prophet is available to us by a different name - digital content. From apps to websites, the content a brand produces is reachable across the globe with a simple click. From gifs and videos to instant news and shopping, there is something to be seen by every individual that is just as eye-catching as any spell.

As brands transform their content approach, the messaging and audience will be the key developments that go along with it. Your audience wants to feel connected to your brand and have a one-to-one relationship with it. A father wants to know he can rely on you for his latest "how-to" video while a successful business woman will want to see the latest news updates second-by-second. They want to share your content with the world through social while saving it for themselves to read later within their beloved technology. No matter what your brand, digital content is one spell you need to cast.

The Daily Magic
The Daily Mail has recently launched its digital tablet application, Mail Plus. As one of Britain's most popular national newspapers, with a 1.8 million daily circulation, along with its sister title The Mail on Sunday, it has now transformed again into a leading digital source. Its website Mail Online, with 119 million unique browsers a month, makes it the largest newspaper website in the world and reimagining it's content for tablets has made the app just the same.

Since its release, the Daily Mail Plus is selling almost 15,000 paid for copies per day according to the ABCs released on October 11th. Likewise, over in the Sunday edition of Mail Plus, sales have doubled from almost 6,000 an issue in April to 12,999 in September.

With spellbinding updates guaranteed to meet each reader's desires combined with unique effects like video and shopping at your fingertips, the content transformation provided within Mail Plus has proven both effective and key to advancement of content marketing all-together. The transition shown by The Daily Mail proves that digital content is required to spread messaging and information to an audience greater than ever before - reaching into the nooks and crannies of the world's populations.

Bring Your Brand to Life
As proven by Mail Plus, the magic of digital content is the availability of a variety of tools at your fingertips. With the capability to make your app both unique and proactive, you also have the ability to make it fun - make it interactive. Whether you are trying to get that dad to watch the latest "how-to" video or that business woman to constantly check your app for updates, make sure they can rely on you to make that simple yet interesting.

Here are 3 key elements to make your content bewitching:

Tap-to-buy Shopping Feature 
Give your audience the simple satisfaction of swiping through pages of the latest trends and purchasing them directly with one click. Instead of listing the item and telling them where to go, let them rely on you to provide that instant-buy option and to drive e-commerce opportunities.

360-Degree Photography
Give your audience a holiday of a lifetime - through content of course. Let them jump into the pages of your app with the 360-degree effect that allows them to see locations as if they are standing there themselves but from the comfort of their own home.

Interactive Graphics, Video & TV
Whether you use the latest meme gifs or moving images let your app get inside the mind of the reader and vice-versa. While making interactive advertising simpler, there is a certain relationship built when a reader can relate to your brand. From clothing videos showcasing future clothing lines or a how-to-cook video with your own chef, feeling like they are connected to your brand will bring them back for more.

Every day, Mail Plus features TV Plus, an interactive listings guide with more than 200 channels that readers can turn into their own personal TV and radio planner - with a social TV experience powered by TV app Zeebox. Make your app just as interactive by incorporating unique opportunities like TV or radio and give your audience that extra magic.  

Posted by: Mallory Mabe, Marketing and Communications Executive, Adobe   

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8thNov 2013

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