Get Your Mobile Content In Shape For Summer

With hot sunny days on the beach and excitement of the first sounds of an ice cream van come the intense desires for getting into shape. While most will spend the last few weeks of spring hitting the gym, content marketers will be hitting that update button to get their mobile content into shape for summer.  Your content may not spend the winter months lying around eating chocolates or sipping hot chocolate by the fire but, like our health, it too must keep in shape.

From apps to websites, creating mobile content for the summer is just as strategic as weight loss. You have the mental image of your goal in mind but it’s the steps along the way that will bring it to life. The latest features for your mobile content constantly revamp but it is working out the best tools for your brand  that get you personalised end results with the greatest outcome.

With summer only weeks away, it’s time to get your plan out and your content in tip-top shape. Substitute those unhealthy features for a wider range of healthy delights from integrating 360 degree images to uploading across the latest app stores and reach your perfect mobile figure in time. Mobile content can easily reach its summer target with the latest updates in the content market with Digital Publishing Suite.

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To get your mobile content in shape just in time for the beach follow these tips:

Work Out Strategies
For every weight-loss regimen out there is a content marketing strategy equivalent. When planning your strategy for getting your content into the perfect beach body shape, you need to consider what equipment is best for what you need. Would your app be best for Android, IOS or both? Do you want to share it with Apple and Google Play or stick with one? How many and which social sites will it be compatible to share with? How much do you really need to change to reach your goal? Most importantly, who is your target audience? You should wait until your audience is defined and your regimen is clear before creating an app or mobile site.  

Know What’s On The Menu
The market for mobile features is constantly being updated with the latest and greatest to date. From panoramic images to descriptive videos or slideshows, there is a wide variety of ways to transform your content from good to brilliant. With the latest Adobe Digital Publishing Suite APIs, you can now even create your own unique experience that reflects your brand with a custom storefront, library, and navigational elements like buttons.  In order for you to create the app or site you desire, you first need to read the menu and know what options you have.

It’s All In Moderation
The transition from familiarity to something entirely new can be frightening but, as they say, “out with old, in with the new.” The way you publish your content says who you are as a brand. For example, when Top Gear decided to produce a mobile app to encourage people to try a new car they knew simple text and images wouldn’t cut it. Their brand is renowned for one of the best auto brands in the world for reliability, class and excitement. Their audience wants to see 360 views of the car, videos of the updates and even a link to where their local dealer is.  With DPS’s integrated video and one-click options, your brand can now provide your audience with that interaction right from the convenience of their own home. Find what your audience wants and make your brand’s mobile content just that.

The Final Weigh In
After you’ve created your mobile content, placed it on the platform of choice and targeted your specific audience it’s time to track your success. As if weighing in after a typical workout regime, the data from your work will show whether you’ve reached your goal or not. From a start-up company trying to get your first few hundred customers to a major brand aiming to get your next million, the click-through rate along with the number of unique visitors and units sold will prove just how in shape you now are.

Whether it’s as extreme as a complete new site with every feature involved or as simple as using KPI’s to update your storefront, Adobe DPS is constantly creating new opportunities to help you reach that beach-ready content.

To learn more about how DPS can help your mobile content get into shape, register for the Adobe Mobile Content Roadshow here.

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29thMay 2014

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