Give a gift of reading that will be worth double this Christmas

Volunteer Reading Help is a national charity which helps children who struggle with their reading to develop a love of reading and learning. They inspire children to become confident and literate for life through the sustained support of trained reading helpers from local communities and businesses. Their vision is a nation of confident children, literate for life.

Most of us take reading for granted (especially in today's digital age). But reading is not a natural reflex. It's a learned skill, and some of us take longer to learn it than others. Those that can't pick it up with the rest of their peers learn to hide their difficulties. The inability to read is a life-impairing reality for 24% of adults estimated to have poor literacy (as reported by the Basic Skills Agency). Pupils who can't read can often become demotivated, depressed, and all too often drift into bad behaviour and sometimes worse, crime and exclusion. A shocking 61,500 children in England left primary school this autumn without having learned to read and write properly (national curriculum test results at age 11, August 2010).

What VRH does is simple: they recruit and train reading helpers to work with children aged 6-11 who find reading a challenge and may need extra support and mentoring. Without individual support children can fall behind their peers and lack confidence and self esteem. VRH's trained network of reading helpers support the same children week in, week out, giving each quality one to one time. They read, they play, they talk. With the support of VRH their approach to learning and enjoying reading and learning is transformed.

In December Volunteer Reading Help are taking part in The Big Give 2010 Christmas Challenge, an exciting opportunity whereby online donations made between 6th and 10th December via the Big Give website will be worth double to the charity.

This means that every pound donated to Volunteer Reading Help will have double the impact on children's lives. 

  • A gift of £10 will be worth £20 - this will fund four one-to-one reading sessions with a child instead of two.
  • A gift of £365 will be worth £730 - supporting two disadvantaged children twice-weekly for a year instead of one child.
  • £1,095 will be work £2,190 - this will support six children twice-weekly for a year instead of three children

If Volunteer Reading Help can reach £5,000 between 6th - 10th December, all other online gifts will be doubled to the end of December to a total of £5,000!  This will mean another £10,000 to help give the children the gift of reading.

Please help Volunteer Reading Help reach this goal, by visiting  between 6th and 10th December, and giving a gift that is worth double this Christmas.

Why not make a donation to Volunteer Reading Help via Big Give instead of sending Christmas Cards this year?  You could then send an e-card to and add a note to say that you have made a gift of reading this Christmas to Volunteer Reading Help instead of buying Christmas Cards (this is also good for the environment!)

To find out more about VRH visit or call 020 7729 4087

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3rdDec 2010

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