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Mobile Apps: Commissioning, developing & marketing - 4 December
YOU WILL LEARN: Why developing an App needs careful planning. From how it will look - to what it contains. Will it be free or will you offer tasters? How will you get your target market to browse it and buy it? Why you need to integrate all your social media to make the most of your App offering. There's a lot to learn if you want to beat your competitors - and you will learn it here at PMA. This course is essential for your mobile future.

Business writing skills  - 4 December
YOU WILL LEARN: How to make your readers engage with you and your business. This course will help those who have to write as part of their job, but find it difficult, to improve their skills in getting their messages across clearly and quickly. If you want to impress others with your reports, emails and social media posts, we will show you the tricks of the trade.

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News-writing - 5-6 December **
YOU WILL LEARN: Where to find stories, how to write them for all media and what makes a news story. You will benefit from individual attention to your writing. This course covers, in a highly practical way, how to write for different readerships, how to interview, structure and balance the content.  This is aimed at junior journalists and those who work in PR - this will be a huge help in writing releases.

Investigative reporting - 7 December **
YOU WILL LEARN: How to use the many avenues to expose hidden truths! A very experienced tutor will explore with you how to dig deep and expose the stories your readers will be fascinated to learn about. This course is tailored to your title, and will make sure you avoid the legal traps and tribulations... especially in the light of Leveson and Newsnight. 

Designing mobile Apps using Mag+ - 10-11 December **
YOU WILL LEARN: If you haven't started to develop an interactive App for your title yet, then this course is essential to get your creative team up and running with the skills Mag+ offers. It integrates with InDesign versions 4, 5, 5.5 and 6, which offers most titles the chance to build Apps quickly, cheaply and easily. Find out more about it for FREE by attending our Seminar on 27 November. Book your places now to get ahead of the game and launch you App in 2013.

Writing better features - 10 December + 15 January**
YOU WILL LEARN: How to write fresh articles that cover familiar ground from new angles. This course looks at your writing style and gives you new skills to improve your quotes, intros and how to vary the pace and structure of your articles. This is especially useful for technical subjects that can challenge the writer to be inventive. The second day of the course includes one-to-one feedback on an article you have written in the interim. 

Practical PR - the inside track - 12-13 December**
YOU WILL LEARN: This workshop takes you through all the processes a professional PR needs to succeed. Whether you work for an agency or as an in-house PR this course will quickly bring you up-to-speed on the written as well as media and digital skills you will need to integrate your PR campaigns. From press releases, market research, event planning, media relations to using blogs and social networks - this course covers it all with lots of practical exercises based on your job.

Infographics - 12 December**
YOU WILL LEARN: How to harness the power of an engaging Infographic that your readers will linger on and (if on the web) attract search engines to you brand. You will need some knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator to benefit from this course. You will learn to build innovative graphics that visualise the dry data you have to work with. It will help you tell the story simply across all media.

Feature writing - 18-19 December + 29 January
YOU WILL LEARN: How to structure a story that draws the reader into the feature. Writing features is a craft that needs to be learnt by all those who create content for print and online. Journalists, PRs and bloggers all need these skills to keep their readers engaged and coming back for more information. How to develop ideas, research them, interview and balance the content. The importance of the intro and how to use language and writing style effectively.

Improve your News-writing - 2-3 January 2013
YOU WILL LEARN: How to up your news game. You'll learn the secrets of finding more off-diary stories, get more from press releases, how to generate stories when you're stuck in the office and how to write them with sharper intros and great online word-bites. You'll have some one-to-one time with the tutor looking over your copy with suggestions on how to improve your style.

Essential InDesign - 8-9 January 2013
YOU WILL LEARN: From a designer how to use InDesign to create professional-looking documents. Includes: Using master pages and templates, importing text and graphics, colours and blends. Manipulating graphics and pictures, managing layers, styles, tables and preparing for print. Plus a host of useful shortcuts!

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3rdDec 2012

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