Four shining examples of British digital content marketing

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British content marketing agencies have produced some stunning digital content this year. Here then are a few examples of how agencies are interpreting important trends in tablet and website publishing for brands.

Over the past decade there has been a clear shift in the way that CMA members create content. Whereas once the majority of their work was print based magazines now content marketing companies deliver all manner of editorial from social media-driven websites through to interactive video rich tablet titles.

Here then are four very strong examples of recent digital content marketing work undertaken by CMA members.

There has recently been something of a mini revolution in the way that both mainstream and independent publishers have designed websites. Now they not only have to be optimised for mobile, and especially tablets, but in the light of the success of BuzzFeed and Pinterest, also major on large striking images, GIFs and videos. This template is now starting to be used by brands and agencies in a very creative way.

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Published by Cedar TescoLiving very much chimes with the way that design trends are moving. Largely aimed at mums it delivers excellent quality advice and ‘how to’ content via a contemporary image-driven design. The site sports a large picture carousel at the top with easy to navigate large image thumbnail images underneath. The designers are clearly huge fans of the social media platform Pinterest.

The stories are not only concise and ideal for time-pressed parents, but they also sport enticing Google-friendly headlines too. There is also new content posted daily - not just words and images but videos and quizzes too. A selection of the videos that have been created by Cedar for Tesco are also collated on a separate YouTube channel here. This is a flagship site which delivers high quality, beautifully created content which is totally on brand but never pushy or salesy.

DFS Our Stories
It has become increasingly important for retail brands to incorporate content into their sales sites. This not only gives a brand a degree of personality, but is also useful from a search engine perspective and helps attract more casual readers. A great example of how to do this is the way that Axon Publishing have incorporated the ‘Stories’ section into the DFS furniture store site.

‘Our Stories’ takes the reader behind the brand to meet the people who have created the furniture that they are considering buying. Readers can discover more about the team, find out where they get their inspiration from and watch videos of the DFS creatives in action. Sure it is educational, but it has a lightness of touch which makes it rather compelling.

Vue Magazine
Vue Magazine from Publicis Blueprint is a bit of a masterclass in how to produce an innovative, interactive yet highly useful app based tablet magazine. Cinema based print titles have previously mixed feature style content with listings information. Vue Magazine takes that template into the digital age in a very clever and compelling way. So now when a person reads about a forthcoming film they can click on a tab and get an alert when that movie lands at their local Vue. There is also an easy search facility so users can quickly access screening information about the films they want to see.

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Naturally, this being a movie magazine, there is plenty of video content including trailers of the latest releases. And the icing on the cake are some stunning looking interactive features which harness the touch controls of tablets and phones (it is available in both Apple iOS and Android versions) in a sensible and not at all intrusive way.

Canon Photo Venture
It is all very well tempting buyers into purchasing your products, but how do you keep them coming back to you? What can you do to create brand loyalty? Canon has an interesting twist on this with the Photo Venture site it launched in collaboration with Future Plus. As its title implies the website, which has a blog-like feel and seems influenced by sites like eHow, delivers all kinds of useful creative and technical tips for Canon camera owners.

Content Marketing

There is also a degree of content curation going on too in that way the team have combed the whole web to find out images and videos of some really clever camera hacks. In general the copy is informative, instructive and not especially brand pushy. The site is optimised for sharing of the content and images on social media and it boasts a growing number of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest followers. There is fresh content every two or three days. Photo Venture is a textbook example of how brands can use content marketing in subtle ways to engineer brand loyalty.

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4thFeb 2014

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