Highlights from Outbrain's recent Storytelling event

Highlights from a recent event about The Art of Storytelling hosted by CMA partner Outbrain, where our very own Jon King of Story Worldwide joined the panel to share insights and inspiration from the world of storytelling.

A few highlights...

"Charles Dickens was the first Content Marketer... Dickens worked with the same illustrator for decades and the way in which he paired words with pictures, revolutionised the way people consumed stories from then onwards." - Kathryn Cave, Editor at IDG Connect 

"The main issue companies have with storytelling is finding a coherent story that fits in with their product. Just doing a story for story's sake is a bad idea, it has to be relevant to what the brand stands for." - Tom Ollerton, Marketing Director, We are Social

"The story has to be something that brings to life and embodies the brand in a rich and fulfilling way, because the stories that are shared the most, reveal unfulfilled needs and desires." - Jon KingManaging Director, Story Worldwide

"The Plot. Why something has happened. Once we are told why somebody is doing something we care about him more. It gives us our 'beginning', 'middle' and 'end'." - Alex Blyth, Freelance Journalist, Writer and Panel Chair

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23rdJul 2013

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