How content marketing and SEO are seen by Google

One of the hottest topics for web marketers at the moment is whether SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is still important or if it has been superseded by content marketing.

Jonathan Piggins, head of search at search & social media agency DBD Media, unpacks this issue in The Guardian and concludes that in SEO whereas it was once the quantity of the links that Google prioritised when ranking sites for search, now it is the quality of those links. In other words those which have come from trusted media sites. He then goes on to say that SEO is far from dead though and that ‘the relationship between content marketing and SEO only reaches its true potential when it's designed to be symbiotic. This means that brands need to underpin their content with SEO strategies like strong internal navigation.'

Read the full article here.

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15thMay 2013

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