A day to remember, and time to reflect

Posted by: Julia Hutchison, APA

I've just emerged from one of the busiest times in my working life. Organising the International Content Summit has, in the best tradition of massive undertakings, been exhausting but rewarding. The amount of work myself and my colleagues have put in has been paid off by the huge swell of fantastic feedback and industry response. The Summit is now widely acknowledged as the content industry's leading event, gathering marketers, publishers and brand owners from around the world for a day of unique thought, theory and entertainment.

The day itself couldn't have gone better. Every one of the 22 speakers was both informative and provocative, while Daisy McAndrew was imperious as chair. And judging by the furious iPad and Blackberry typing that was going on around me, there was a huge amount of practical and usable information distributed or noted for later use.

Indeed, one of the highlights of my day was seeing this immediate distribution of soundbites and facts through Twitter. At one point, #content2011 was the top hashtag in London, with around 1,000 tweets generating 943,394 impressions and reaching an audience of approximately 202,296 followers over the 24-hour period from the beginning of the Summit.

These are fantastic figures, and taken with the live blog read by hundreds of people during the day, it demonstrates both the popularity of the Summit and the power of social media to propagate information and build a brand. Which, curiously enough, was one of the key themes to come out of the day. Among the many pronouncements made on the importance of social media and the mobile platform, it was perhaps David Glennie of Mobile Interactive Group who put it best: "If you do something on social and it doesn't work on mobile, you might as well do it in the dark."

And as I finally get to relax, for the first time in weeks, my lasting impressions are that for all the talk of platforms, distribution, strategy and technology, it's still the quality of content that defines everything. Make incredible content that surprises and excites, and you can't go far wrong. 

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7thDec 2011

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