Immediate Media Branded Content 'Mixing It Up' for the University of Bristol

Discover More, the bi-annual publication from the University of Bristol created by Immediate Media Branded Content, provides prospective students with an engaging way of exploring some of the exciting things going on at the University - from research to volunteering, exhibitions to inventions.  The magazine was launched in May 2012,  is produced in both print and digital formats and supported by an app and 'how to' video.

Discover More delves into topics from the University's six faculties. Sixth form students who are considering higher education can learn more about the interesting research going on at the university.

The latest issue, Issue 3, covers topics including:

  • Bristol's new Liberal Arts degree
  • Tracking eye movements - the difference between men & women
  • The future of wildlife photography
  • Is piracy killing music?
  • Nazca lines - who or what was responsible for Peru's giant Nazca Lines?

Augmented reality
Discover More is a magazine with a difference. Not only is it full of interesting and informative articles, it also includes pioneering use of augmented reality (AR). Augmented reality enables a reader to use their smartphone or tablet to 'see' additional elements to that printed on the page. By initially downloading the Discover AR free app, users can interact with various pages inside the magazine by hovering their device's camera over a particular image on the page, unlocking video, animation and audio features.

Mixing It up with Issue 3
Issue 3 of Discover More includes an interactive music ‘mixing desk' on the front cover.  This innovative cover enables readers to play, collect and mix sounds. By augmenting the cover image, users are given three sounds within the mixing desk. Three additional sounds can be added to the mixing desk by reading through the magazine and searching for the ‘Sample this' icon. Once all six sounds have been collected, the reader is free to ‘mix it up' and make music!

Immediate Media Branded Content Group Editor Dan Linstead comments: "A number of brands and magazines have experimented with AR over the last couple of years, but with Discover More we're always aiming to push ideas further. The mixing desk cover is a unique experience which really propels readers into the magazine and provides a personal soundtrack to Bristol University life."

To watch the video of the AR in action, click here.

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5thJul 2013

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