Jobsite reaps benefits of content marketing

Recruitment business Jobsite has generated immediate returns from their new marketing strategy, replacing significant spend on above-the-line media with a focus on content marketing to drive traffic.

Like all ‘job boards’, Jobsite was spending a lot on high-reach paid media, especially TV – it was becoming a case of ‘who can spend the most’. Jobsite wanted a new strategy – no longer focused on pursuing big reach, but building relevance for people.

That’s why Seven and Jobsite produced an editorial strategy to ‘create, curate and connect’ smart, relevant and distinctive content that’s useful to people at different career stages; not just ‘active’ job seekers – historically the main focus – but also ‘passive’ job seekers, because they often make the best candidates.

The ‘creation’ part resulted in Jobsite Advantage, a campaign to win the ultimate job interview package. The accompanying video playfully highlighted Jobsite’s brand proposition of ‘Real jobs for Real people’ with its nod to The Apprentice – a recognisable TV format, though clearly not the real way people get jobs. Additionally, new and ‘curated’ content has been combined to produce sector-specific hubs; long-term, sustainable content assets around engineering, IT, finance and sales.

Facebook and Twitter have proved core pillars in ‘connecting’ with the audience – creating trend hijacks around TV shows and real world events, such as the recent Victoria Line shutdown. This amplification role was also enhanced by Jobsite’s recently appointed PR agency, Kaper.

This ‘ecosystem of content’ has already had a sizable impact. The Jobsite Advantage video has received over 740,000 views (with more than 10,000 entrants to the competition). More importantly, this activity has contributed to a change in Jobsite’s position in the marketplace, increasing Share of Voice to 54% – a big step towards becoming a premium product in a commoditised marketplace.

The campaign has also been shortlisted for a prestigious Shorty Award, for Best Use of Social Media for B2B, beating the likes of Dell, Cisco and SAP.

Jobsite’s Marketing Director Sophie Relf said: “Delivering ’Real jobs for Real people’ is at the heart of who we are. And because Seven talk about ‘Keeping brands real’ – giving people reasons to believe the promise we make – there was an obvious fit. These results reinforce that being ‘real’ is what our audience wants, and giving them useful, valuable and entertaining content has captured their imagination.”

Seven’s Director of Social Mark Maddox said: “It takes a brave client to perform such a fundamental shift in strategy and it’s been quite a whirlwind, but we’re loving every minute. And results like this are why we all come to work every day.”

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7thMar 2014

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