Keep your New Year's resolution to train your staff

When PMA training moved last week, they were looking through old booking forms from 20 years ago ..... and their prices have hardly changed in all that time. Just 15% - which is way below inflation for that period - proving they remain excellent value for money.

Bespoke courses - train up to six people from just £1250+vat per day

This week's special offer is 50% off :

Bookings accepted up to noon on Thursday 10th  January for the 50% offer  (subject to availability)

Proof-reading - 14 January - only £190+vat
YOU WILL LEARN: How to spot those annoying mistakes before they are distributed to your readers. The course teaches you how to read thoroughly and accurately. There's nothing worse than giving your global audience the wrong impression of your brand.

Book now - last places:

Buy 1 get 1 half price - marked **

Copywriting - Advanced skills - 15 January **
YOU WILL LEARN:  How to polish your copy within the rules, and how and when to break the rules. The award-winning D&AD tutor will show you the tips and tricks to get a successful campaign off the ground that hits your market's emotion buttons. It covers how creative words, branding and design works across all media. All delegates get a one-to-one assessment of their work.

Editing on the Web - 16 January **
YOU WILL LEARN: How to put up and manipulate information on the web to get people to read it and engage with it. The use of words and visual aids to help surfers and visitors find and stay with your website is probably the most important and essential skill for all those who write and sub-edit content. It has to be reader-friendly as well as SEO friendly.

Learning to sub-edit - 16-17 January **
YOU WILL LEARN: All the skills you'll need to tighten and improve a writer's copy. What to look for in the text, how to work to a consistent style, correcting and rewriting, and when to do this. A boost to your confidence in spelling, punctuation and use of language.

Improving your writing style - 21 January **
YOU WILL LEARN: How to use language more effectively to grab your readers' attention. A senior journalist will help you learn the rules and then teach you when to break them! You will cover how writing for print differs from online. And you will benefit from a critical look at your use of English with guidance on how to improve your writing for difference audiences.

The Editor - 24-25 January**
YOU WILL LEARN: How to step up to the challenge of leading a team and make the most of your budget. This course helps new editors and those being groomed for the role to make a success of their editorship - taking their team and their publishers with them. How to manage and your legal responsibilities.

News-writing - 4-5 February **
YOU WILL LEARN: Where to find stories, how to write them for all media and what makes a news story. You will benefit from individual attention to your writing. This course covers, in a highly practical way, how to write for different readerships, how to interview, structure and balance the content.  This is aimed at junior journalists and those who work in PR - this will be a huge help in writing releases.

Twitter and LinkedIn - the secrets of success - 6 February**
YOU WILL LEARN: How to make your business engage with your communities online. This workshop helps you set up an efficient and highly-effective social media strategy. If you don't have this in place yet, you will need one by 2013! Or you will find yourself losing out to your competitors.

Interviewing skills - 13 February
YOU WILL LEARN: Confidence-building practical exercises on how to conduct a successful interview. How to prepare for the person you are meeting. Essential tips and tricks. How to research and structure your questions to get more than the obvious answers. Individual coaching with plenty of practice.

Better sub-editing - 27 February
YOU WILL LEARN: Practical help with correcting and rewriting copy for news and features. Cutting yet keeping the key points. Tightening grammar, intros and standfirsts... and proofing!

Introduction to Journalism - 4-5 March
YOU WILL LEARN: What all newcomers to the industry need to know to become immediately effective in their jobs. This confidence boosting two days will cover everything your editor needs you to understand, including: news-writing, feature writing, proof-reading, interviewing, sub-editing, house style and the myths of school English plus how this differs for online copy.

Improve your news-writing - 6-7 March 
YOU WILL LEARN: How to up your news game. You'll learn the secrets of finding more off-diary stories, get more from press releases, how to generate stories when you're stuck in the office and how to write them with sharper intros and great online word-bites. You'll have some one-to-one time with the tutor looking over your copy with suggestions on how to improve your style.

All PMA's classes are tailored to your job maximum of six delegates  per workshop 

Contact  or call 020 7383 5800

Loyalty Discount for early bookings 10% for three months in advance (charities get 15%), or for two or more bookings made at the same time, 15% discount (charities get 20%). 

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Workshops are held at: 
The PMA Centre for Media Excellence, Press Association Building, 
Ground floor, 292 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria, London SW1V 1AE

Tel: Catinca or Riva on 020 7963 7920 or 7922 for advice on courses and in-house workshops   

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9thJan 2013

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