Keys Trends in content marketing unveiled at APA International Content Summit

Yesterday saw leading media planners, marketers and APA members come together for the first APA International Content Summit. Supporting an unrivalled calibre of industry leaders on the speaker platform, the event became an open forum for discussions around the Power and Future of Content. With almost 400 attendees and 500+ Tweets broadcast, the first of its kind event was an amazing success.

With a warm reception, speakers took to the stage and discussed what the future looks like, how content will evolve and with constantly emerging channels and a changing audience, how content should respond.

The key theme for the day was content. Keynote speaker Rory Sutherland, Vice President of Ogilvy and IPA President opened the conference with optimism for content and a smattering of behaviour economics' nudge theory. Julie Meyer, CEO Ariadne Capital and founder of First Tuesday followed Rory in stating that the business model of the future will be around collaboration with key trends being individual capitalism and networked-orientated businesses. Julia Hobsbawm, CEO Editorial Intelligence joined the pair arguing it's the experience that counts and encouraged spectators to develop strong strategies that veer away from producing content for the sake of it. Luke Johnson, chairman of Risk Capital Partners LLP brought the economic discussions to a head, stating hard times bring opportunity and proactive creativity is the solution.

With each speaker bringing a new discussion to the floor, no stone was left unturned in the world of content. A full list of the speakers which attended can be found here -

Julia Hutchison, COO at the APA comments: "The feedback we have already received from delegates at the inaugural International Content Summit has exceeded our expectations. The unique mix of speakers, many of whom have never spoken at conferences before, appears to have been a winning formula. It was their candid insight that isn't already in the public domain that really added the value for our delegates. Being exposed to the most up to date thoughts of people such as David Seers, Rory Sutherland, Luke Johnson and Julie Meyer is invaluable."

For pictures from the event go to our facebook page, images will also soon be avaliable on our Flickr account.

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26thNov 2010

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