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Posted by: Paul Keers, White Light Media

The PPA recently announced that it is looking at the formation of an agency to promote magazines to the media industries. In much the same way that Newsworks promotes national newspapers, and Thinkbox promotes commercial TV, the standalone agency will promote the value of magazines as a medium.

The PPA’s Chairman, Haymarket’s Kevin Costello, said "That will be founded on the unique power of magazine media content, which brings us such deep consumer engagement, which in turn delivers such effectiveness and all-important ROI for our advertising partners."

The value he describes is extraordinarily similar to the terms used by the judges in last years CMA International Content Marketing Awards, in describing the Grand Prix Winner of 2013 – a magazine. The Audi magazine “shows that content marketing can drive real ROI and not just engagement, demonstrating the customer journey and the absolute conversion to sale”. Through the medium of a magazine.

Then there’s The Modern Magazine 2014 Conference which will take place in September. Following the successful debut event last year, The Modern Magazine returns with another day of talks and discussions celebrating the power of editorial design. This year the conference will be looking at the future of magazine publishing –  and content marketing and brand journalism will be featuring in the event. As organiser Jeremy Leslie told me, “The premise of The Modern Magazine is that we are experiencing new heights of creativity and innovation in the art of combining text, image and design on page and screen. A central question underlying this is how to fund such creativity, and content marketing will be one method we'll be featuring at this year's event.”

It’s sometimes easier to get attention for our work in digital, which everyone wants to talk about. But there are opportunities to ally our work to promotions of the effectiveness and creativity of modern magazines. Remember how last year’s International Content Marketing Awards, judged on content alone, regardless of the delivery platform, acknowledged the success of our magazines; apart from Best Video Content (admittedly hard to reproduce on a page) every single category was won by a magazine, or work involving a magazine.

Organisations and events are out there celebrating and promoting magazines – let’s remember that we’re entitled to shout about ours.

Paul Keers is London Bureau Chief of White Light Media

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15thJul 2014

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