Mass mobile payments set to change brand engagement

Only two days after Facebook introduced its Deals feature in the UK and across Europe - a service which enables stores and brands to offer real-time offers to users who check-in using Facebook Places - comes the news that the mobile payment market nears mass-market adoption.

According to New Media Age, top brands like Pret A Manger and Tesco have put mobile payments on the fast track; the contactless market is predicted to be worth £102bn by 2015.

A mass roll out of mobile payments could change the way people shop, but also the way brands can engage with consumers. Brands will be able to offer instant in-store redeemable offers or money-off vouchers to its loyal customers through own developed apps, as well as Facebook Deals. It also facilitates for a more integrated approach with the current reward card schemes offered by stores, and "rewards" can be customised to fit with each customer's shopping history.

Mobile payments will also enable brands to undertake social media marketing activities that can be measured in real-time. This could further increase customer interactivity with brands and make the shopping experience more social, which in turn would help to grow positive brand sentiment.

So how might this affect branded content and customer publishing? Many branded content companies already produce phone apps for companies. In the future these might incorporate vouchers and offers that work via mobile payments. Even tablet PC magazines could feature this too. So you could have a page with content and a video showing you how to make a certain meal. The app could then directly give you money off the cost of the ingredients. This is just one of many scenarios that could evolve as brands get more savvy about mobile payments.

There are already many branded apps on the market today, and we expect more interactive apps to appear as the mobile payment service becomes more widely available and brands look to invest in the new way of shopping.

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2ndFeb 2011

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