Mobile phone payment systems offer great opportunities for publishers and brands

‘The evolution of sophisticated mobile payment systems now offers customer publishing companies and branded content agencies a great opportunity', Adrian Sarosi of Open Market told the APA digital breakfast on Monday.

Sarosi outlined a series of ways in which companies could charge for services and content online ranging from text message based systems through to in-app options. He argued though that ‘companies should ask themselves a series of questions when considering setting up a mobile payments system.'

‘So for example if they are providing an app they need to think about who owns the app store and how they can deliver in app billing, which at the moment is tricky to do.'

‘They also need to think about the number of clicks a person makes before they pay for a product. If there are too many clicks, it may kill the buyer's impulse and scupper the sale.'

Sarosi also acknowledged that his company is working on creating paywalls for exclusive mobile content, including both pay as you go and all you can eat subscription based models. Open Market is also due to launch a mobile video on demand service in October with the viewer paying 60p for 15 minutes of content.

In a world of sexy mobile phone companies Sarosi said that Open Market ‘were good at being dull. We are the back-end, the bit that ensures that the transactions work,' he added. The company claims to have processed $600 million worth of mobile payments in the last twelve months.

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23rdSep 2010

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