My VIP: Britain's biggest, free pet title

We always knew it to be true, but now we have the proof in the form of new figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC).

  • With a new ABC of 498,970, My VIP magazine is the biggest circulating pet magazine in the UK that’s freely available for pet owners

  • The biggest circulating magazine debut from July to December 2013

  • Already the 14th highest-circulating magazine title in the UK

  • My VIP isn't just a pet magazine. It's a lifestyle magazine for one of the most engaged audiences around

My VIP isn't a pet care manual to fill in the gaps. It's a keepsake lifestyle title, which allows readers and their pets to enjoy life together.

And it's working too, in under a year, results achieved include:

  • 92% of VIP club members swiping their VIP card at check-out 

  • Average transaction values for VIP club members are 37% higher than for non-members

  • The club has delivered over £695k in donations to 500 local and national animal charities since launch

My VIP published for Pets at Home by John Brown Media is a game-changer within the sector.

Its huge print run and outstanding content and design puts this streets ahead of the competition - this is an immediate tangible reward for warm and loyal customers that competes on quality, reach and advertising opportunities with established lifestyle titles on the newsstand.

The creative team behind the title wanted to craft a magazine that was visually inspiring and contemporary, while remaining down to earth and relevant; something that reflected the natural warmth that exists between a pet and its owner. My VIP had to be surprising and unique, yet still be perceived as a reliable source of information – something you weren’t afraid to get your grubby paws on!

My VIP reflects the natural warmth that exists between pets and their owners. After all, owners invest a lot of time and love when it comes to their pets, so My VIP has to treat the readers' pets with the same love as they do, convey this warmth, as well as drive store visits, infuse a spirit of community and underline just how knowledgeable and passionate Pets at Home colleagues are about pets. Pet gurus, if you like.

When bought or picked up in store, My VIP adds colour to the shopping trip. It's a fun, insightful part of the VIP loyalty scheme, which allows readers to get the best treatment and rewards for their pet, as well as raising funds for animal charities. This altruistic side of the magazine is reflected in big star names like Victoria Pendleton , Ben Fogle, Bill Bailey, Carol Kirkwood, Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan, who were more than happy to be the cover star for such a charitable title.  But it is really the cover celeb's pet that's the stars!

Packed with great shopping ideas, money-off deals and quirky nuggets, My VIP also gives advice from Pets at Home colleagues and upbeat stories from other customers, from which the reader can draw useful parallels and reassuring knowledge for their own relationship with their pet. It’s friendly, fun and full of the pets themselves, but so is Pets at Home.

Another amazing accolade was My VIP's win at the CMA awards in 2013, where it took the prize for Best Consumer Membership title at the prestigious event.

Gavin Hawthorn, Head of Customer Relationship Management at Pets at Home said: "It’s a real honour to win this award within the first year of the launch of My VIP and content is becoming an integral part of our relationships with our most loyal customers. The teams at John Brown and Pets at Home have done an incredible job of capturing the essence of the passion and expertise across our businesses and our supplier base."

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27thMar 2014

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