New and innovative content marketing approaches

Need some inspiration? Here are some innovative new-ish examples of content marketing from across the globe

Ticketmaster’s quiz
The ticketing agency recently unveiled an interactive content driven quiz in a bid to encourage customers to purchase tickets for summer festivals. The quiz follows the style patented by editorial sites like BuzzFeed and Usvsth3m, in that it asks the user questions about themselves and then suggests which product, in this instance a festival, is most appropriate for them. Quizzes have been used in this way in magazines for decades, but online versions like this are clearly a very useful tactic for brands who want to find out more about their customers. The data alone could be hugely valuable to the brand. The Ticketmaster quiz succeeds too because it is completely on brand – entertaining and lots of fun too.

Belivita’s Instagram daily news
There is a huge amount of talk in the US at the moment about the evolution of the branded news room – a place where journalists respond to breaking news events by creating branded content. One good example of how a brand is using a virtual newsroom, while at the same time is taking its content across platforms is being offered by breakfast snack Belvita. It is working with start-up Now This News to deliver a morning time Instagram video which features three breaking stories that are illustrated with images and video in a 15 second clip. It is already attracting thousands of views. Instagram is becoming widely recognised as the platform which delivers the highest level of engagement.

101 strangest albums on Spotify
The music streaming service recently inked a deal with The Guardian to deliver sponsored content on its site. What makes this noteworthy though is that the idea and the execution of the concept is first rate. It is offering Guardian readers regular profiles of the 101 strangest albums on Spotify. The copy focuses on albums that are not only a bit odd but boast an interesting story too. The articles then links to Spotify so that listeners keen to hear the album can do so instantly.

Jamie Oliver’s DrinksTube
The celebrity chef recently launched a brand new channel on YouTube which aims to celebrate all things drinkable. It shows the chef, and other drinks experts, mixing cocktails, suggesting wines and quaffing craft lagers. The site is owned and operated by the Jamie Oliver brand but it is working in collaboration with Bacardi, whose brand ambassadors are regularly featured on the site. Oliver said: ‘We want to inspire everyone with the passion to be more adventurous in their own homes, to realise that we can all be ‘home mixologists’, and to have fun with ingredients and flavours.’

Best Buy
The US consumer electronics retailer has a reputation for building innovative digital content and none more so that its iPhone app. Designed to be used in store - the company is very keen on omni channel retailing - the app includes a heavy content section that gives users the option of reading reviews of the products that they are about to buy. The content is activated by a scanner, so when a person scans the product they get to see the information.

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1stMay 2014

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