New ContentPlus infographic: Content Strategy Pick 'n' Mix

Content Strategy Pick 'n' Mix is a new infographic that has just been published by CMA partner ContentPlus.

The infographic highlights the benefits of including a variety of content types in an integrated strategy in order to ensure increased and ongoing audience engagement. Research by the Content Marketing Institute and Direct Marketing Association UK shows the best-in-class content marketers in the UK use 14 different tactics on average to achieve their objectives. Their preferred content types are website articles, social media (excluding blogs) and email newsletters.

"A cookie-cutter approach to content marketing will not yield the best results, so you need to mix things up to suit your audience's preferences," said ContentPlus head of marketing communications Karen Webber. "It doesn't matter how much a person likes jelly beans - if that's the only thing they consume day in and day out, their favourite sweet will become stale and boring very quickly. The same applies to content, which is why variety is so important." Read Karen's blog post about the importance of a varied content strategy.

Earlier this month, ContentPlus published its popular infographic The Anatomy of Content Marketing, which was described by Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute as one of the best content marketing infographics on the planet, in animated video format. The viral infographic was also translated by ContentPlus into a number of different languages, including Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic.

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17thMay 2013

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