New Report Outlines Social Media's Ties to the Customer Journey

The ways in which businesses can engage with consumers throughout their purchase journey have been outlined in a new report by leading international content marketing agency NewsReach.

Social Media through the Customer Journey, which is available as a free download, advises ways in which businesses can engage with consumers through each of the five stages of the customer journey, in a bid to increase the likelihood of purchase and with it, profitability.

The white paper, authored by Alan Boyce and Karen Webber, explains how social media engagement has evolved for businesses and why no organisation can afford to ignore social media today.

With use of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter at an all-time high, the report clarifies why engaging in online conversations is essential for businesses, outlining a number of ways in which they can use content to build relationships.

The authors suggest what content is likely to generate the best results and how content marketing can be employed to ensure the target audience receives engaging content at the right time.

With more than 62 million hours spent on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook each day, it has never been more important for businesses to engage with online communities. More than a third of social media users have posted about brands online, further emphasising the need for firms to build their online reputation through engaging content.

The report should be of particular note to the marketing community, with nearly three quarters of marketers (72%) crediting social media for helping them close sales.

Karen Webber commented: "New technologies have changed how people communicate, and businesses have to react. Some are still missing out on conversations about their brands and therefore missing out on potential business opportunities.

"Firms must decide whether they want to be leading the conversation or not. There's no doubt that if they do develop an intelligent social media strategy and tailor messages and content types to each stage of the journey they will see improved conversion and better returns."

To download the report click here.

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9thJul 2013

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