New Research: A Guide to Retail in 2018

UK retailing has the highest proportion of online sales in the world and this trend is likely to continue from 12.7% of retail sales in 2012 to 21.5% in 2018, according to research conducted by the Centre for Retail Research.

This shift in consumer behaviour is, according to their study, having a devastating effect on the high street. They predict that by 2018 there will 22% fewer stores and 316,000 retail job losses.

The Centre for Retail Research identify key reasons for the decline include operating cost increasing by 20% since 2006 whereas consumer spending has only increased 12% and the uptake in online purchases has meant that retailers only need 70 stores create a national presence, compared to 250 in the mid 2000's.

The full press release can be found at the Centre for Retail Research and the entire report can be downloaded from the CMA Research Area.

29thMay 2013

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