New Study Identifies The Four Types of Always-On Consumer

With consumers increasingly connecting with brands whilst on the move across multiple devices, new research released by Experian has pinpointed four distinct types of consumer who are Always On and more digitally connected than ever before - Social Butterflies, Working Professionals, Gamers and Everything Tech.

Key findings from the research highlight that:

  • The Social Butterfly is at least three times more likely to access social networks across every connected device
  • The Working Professional is 80 per cent less likely to want to receive adverts to their mobile
  • No longer restricted to consoles, Gamers are more likely than average to game on 7 out of 8 game-enabled devices
  • 60 per cent of Everything Tech consumers have purchased a product advertised to them on their mobile

Experian's research, from the Simmons national consumer survey, explores the platform and device preferences, media consumption habits and the online and offline behaviours of the global phenomenon of the Always On consumer. Drawn from the US, which has the highest penetration of internet users in the world at 79 per cent , the insight highlights how brands need to evolve their marketing strategies to engage customers based on their platform choices and preferences to deliver co-ordinated and consistent customer experiences regardless of channel.  Importantly, it also highlights that while they may all be super-connected, Always On consumers are distinct and different and so need to be engaged on an individual basis.

You can read the full profiles of each type of consumer by clicking on the links below.

The Working Professional
The Everything Tech
The Social Butterfly
The Gamer

Read the full release from Experian here.

13thAug 2013

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