News Corp’s The Daily launches as “newspaper of 21st Century”, but will it revolutionise iPad journalism?

News Corporation's much talked about iPad-only newspaper The Daily was unveiled yesterday at the Guggenheim Museum in New York by Rupert Murdoch and Apple's Eddy Cue, who was standing in for company CEO Steve Jobs. At the launch Murdoch said the arrival of the iPad has forced journalists to "re-imagine our craft" and that "the magic of newspapers and blogs lies in their serendipity". It is this magic Murdoch now hopes to bring to The Daily - and with it the iPad.

The Daily will offer around 100 pages on a daily basis and will be funded by a subscription fee; $0.99 for a week and $40 for a year; as well as advertising. Launch advertisers include Land Rover, Virgin Atlantic and Pepsi. There will be no accompanying website and it is only on sale in the US.

Its 100 journalists will produce a mix of unique content well as syndicated editorial from other US publications like The Wall Street Journal and the New Yorker; the editorial content is expected to be short, bite-sized news with complimentary rich-media content, with a focus on entertainment and gossip - similar to the offerings of newspaper ‘i' in the UK.

Reportedly costing $30million to launch, the longevity of The Daily has been a discussion point. For a complete look at what launch edition of The Daily looks like and its interface, take a look at what Paid Content has to say.

From a customer publishing perspective the high profile launch once again validates how mainstream iPad magazines are becoming. While Rupert Murdoch and his rivals search for a business model for the new media format customer publishers already have a business model in clients investing in the content. All that publishers need is an audience. It'll be very interesting to see how much of an audience The Daily attracts.

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3rdFeb 2011

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