NHS and Propagator launch Squeezy

The NHS has formally endorsed Squeezy, one of Propagator's latest advice applications, to help the 1 in 3 women in the UK who suffer from incontinence at some stage in their life. Propagator has worked with NHS physiotherapists to design a service that can be tailored to a patient's specific needs or recommended exercise programme. Squeezy allows women to take greater control of this distressing and debilitating condition that no-one talks about, and share their findings with other women in an open and positive way.

Squeezy has also been designed to educate women and promote the treatment of incontinence and bladder problems. It is hoped that many more women will seek treatment as a direct result of this app, rather than suffering in silence.

The application allows professionals to set programmes for their patients and monitor and manage their progress and provides patients with an easy way to manage their condition and do their pelvic floor exercises discretely wherever they may be.

The application is getting rave reviews from women's health physiotherapists and patients and is driving 1000's of squeezes per day and so improving women's lives across the country.

The revenue will be split with the NHS and the Bladder and Bowel Foundation

Leading women's health physiotherapist, Teresa Cook, said "This peer-reviewed App has been designed to support women to perform a regular programme of pelvic floor muscle exercises. The settings can be adjusted to match a personal exercise programme recommended by a specialist Physiotherapist."

Chris Robson, CEO Propagator said "Squeezy demonstrates how Propagator can work with organisations to create best in class monitoring and advice services that people engage with time and again".

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26thNov 2013

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