Outbrain does the Mobot

The Mo Farah Foundation, via Fifty6 Media, has partnered with content discovery solution Outbrain, to maximise online audience engagement for the innovative "Do the Mobot" campaign.  The campaign delivered 127% of its target number of clicks, and has supported the Mobot campaign in raising awareness and funds for the charity.

Launched in November 2012, the "Do the Mobot" campaign was created as a way to raise money for the Foundation which provides lifesaving aid to some of the millions of people facing starvation and disease across East Africa.

The Foundation enlisted the help of celebrities, sportsmen and politicians to kick off the viral and interactive campaign; Tom Daly, Holly Willoughby, David Haye and even London's Mayor Boris Johnson all took part in "doing the Mobot" in a bid to encourage the public to submit their own Mobot videos. A short narrative video, narrated by DJ Tim Westwood, accompanied the campaign, giving people step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the famous dance moves. All videos were hosted on a dedicated YouTube channel.

With a £2 donation being made by Virgin Media for every video uploaded to the charity, it was imperative that the campaign quickly developed a strong online presence to reach its target audience.

To engage relevant, interested users online, the Mo Farah Foundation partnered with Outbrain to maximise views for "Do the Mobot" videos, and articles linking to the YouTube channel. Over a four week period, Outbrain facilitated directing web traffic to the campaign's YouTube site, via links on its publisher network.

The Daily Telegraph, Sky News and the Mirror Group were among the top referrer sites for the campaign which delivered 127% of its target number of clicks, with an average click through rate (CTR) of 0.11%. One of the article headlines used in the campaign - ‘UK's hottest dance craze inspired by Olympian' - raced to its position as the campaign's most popular headline with 4,136,566 impressions, 5,407 clicks and a CTR of 0.13%.

Ben Peacock, Director, Brands and Agencies, Outbrain, said: "Our solution works either for specific campaigns or as part of a longer-term content marketing strategy. It was a pleasure to be a part of a charity campaign for such a great cause."

Nikki Fleming, Digital Account Director, Fifty6, said: "At the core of Outbrain are a series of sophisticated algorithms that identify content that will be uniquely interesting to each reader, rather than just contextually similar. This means users receive more relevant and personalised content that keeps them engaged on sites for longer.

"We were fortunate enough to have a number of high profile people involved in this campaign and it was important for us to help the Mo Farah Foundation make the most of this opportunity to raise awareness and funds. Working with Outbrain has helped to drive qualified traffic to the campaign hub where we've seen fantastic engagement."

In the UK, Outbrain is already implemented on over 150 sites including The Daily Express and Future Publishing. Outbrain has also recently extended its global reach to include France, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain and Germany and is now serving over 50 billion content recommendations per month, worldwide, with over 700 premium publisher partnerships.

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8thJan 2013

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