Outbrain: the latest global mobile content consumption trends

Outbrain's data draws on a network of over 100,000 publishing sites from around the world, and looks at an average week to show how global users across ten countries are consuming content on their mobile devices.

  • The UK, USA and Australia are the only countries where iOS is the dominant operating system. Apart from these three English speaking countries, all other countries in the study consume more content on Android devices.
  • Smartphones are the dominant device globally, however in Australia, tablets accounts for half of all mobile reading. In India smartphones dominate (89% of all mobile content consumption), while for all European countries in the study, tablets account for between 32% - 41% of mobile consumption.
  • The power of celebrity remains strong. Celebrity news is the only type of content to feature in every country’s top five content categories for mobile consumption.
  • Mobile consumption peaks at midday in the three English speaking counties, 4pm in Italy and the Philippines, and 10pm in Singapore and Spain.

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19thFeb 2014

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