Reward failure, sleep with your customers and cultivate some enemies

These are a few of the counter-intuitive ‘rules' in The Devil's Advocate, the latest book from CMA member, Editions Financial.

Recently published by Pearson, the book has already been picked as Business Book of the Month by WHSmith, entered the best-seller charts and sold foreign rights in Japan, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy.

But author and content strategist Caspian Woods has a serious point to prove. "The greatest threat to content marketing is too much content. Jumping on the bandwagon, companies are churning out flaccid, bland and unremarkable content."

So to mark the launch, they are offering a challenge. They'll take a look at a client's existing content, and give it a ‘Devil's Advocate Make-over' to show how it can standout and work harder. Email Caspian for details.

Editions Financial is the UK's only content marketing agency dedicated to business and finance. In the past 15 years, they've successfully delivered over 2000 content projects for global B2B and finance brands. 

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1stMay 2013

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