River features in Marketing Magazine's Branded Content Essays feature

'Compelling content is the key to a media-neutral strategy for brands that want to make the connection with consumers' writes River CEO Dr Nicola Murphy in Marketing magazine's Branded Content Essays feature (1st February 2012)

The feature examines the role of branded content in 2012 and identifies a trend for closer working relationships between brands and branded content agencies than ever before. As content has risen up the marketing agenda, so branded content agencies' strategic experience has become increasingly valuable.

Natasha Jackson comments ‘We were all talking about iPad and mobile 12 months ago, but we've realised it's not all about the device, it's about the content. We've gone back to the fundamentals of creative content. It's about the story and understanding needs and behaviour; insights into what audiences need and want'

Dr Murphy comments, ‘we do not believe that the medium is the message, rather that it shapes the format. We work closely with clients to ensure the message exists seamlessly as a measurable part of the customer journey. We bring marketing expertise to every client challenge'

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3rdFeb 2012

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