Seven flavours for your next videos: Formats

Posted by: Jon Salmon, Seven

As part of our Seven Flavours series, last time we explored the importance of thinking about your audience when working up your next video idea.

This week, it’s all about…


Traditional broadcast radio worked out in the 1930s that if you standardise an idea for a show, you could obviously make and release many of them.

For online video, the big benefit of a regular shape for an idea is that a viewer might be more likely to return, watch more than one video or – even better for the brand – subscribe to the channel hosting and first-releasing them.

Here’s an example of a format we love: 


With a simple skew on the regular talk show format, the host goes on a journey with the guest, in an old car, to go and get a coffee.

One aspect especially native to online is the use of different video durations – if there’s a good chat... the video lasts longer. There’s no real need to tie the format to the restrictions of a fixed TV slot duration.


 COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE - Sarah Jessica Parker “A Little Hyper-Aware”


COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE - Aziz Ansari “It’s Like Pushing a Building Off a Cliff”

At Seven, we prefer video ideas that are more likely to drive repeat viewing or encourage YouTube channel subscriptions.

For instance we devised #AskBecks for Sainsbury’s: presenting perhaps the most famous brand ambassador in the world in a humble and humorous light.

Our format was also a practical solution to make best use of time in the filming breaks of a conventional TV commercial, and yet still echo the overall objectives of the campaign. It also helped generate activity around the hashtag.

 ASK BECKS - 2012 London Paralympics with David Beckham

ASK BECKS - Active Kids

ASK BECKS… to hula hoop

ASK BECKS… about his childhood

ASK BECKS… about football

Coming up next time in the Seven Flavours series –


Even TV companies forget the web isn’t just a transmission mast – could your video premise be a two-way street?

Jon Salmon is Head of Video at Seven 

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23rdJul 2014

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