Some basic rules for using Twitter to promote your project or brand

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If you have an online magazine or website to promote then one of the best ways of increasing awareness and traffic to your site is by using Twitter. The micro-blogging format has become completely embedded in our culture now and shows no signs of losing its popularity.

So how can you harness Twitter to create a buzz around your project? Here are ten top tips.

1. Create a social media calendar
It might sound boring, but the best way to tackle Twitter for an online magazine is to get out a spreadsheet and plan the tweets for a month or so. If you do the hard work and plan first then you can ensure that your Twitter feed will always be active.

2. Consider using a service like Hootsuite to control your Twitter output
The service is free and can be used by multiple members of a team. You can also use it to schedule the tweets to go out at allotted times.

3. Use your editorial nous
Inevitably the majority of the tweets will reflect the content that is going up on the site that day. But don't forget to promote your long tail content, in other words the posts that aren't date specific. Also celebrate special days by suggesting content from your archive that is relevant.

4. Assign 15 minutes of each day to respond to queries and add new tweets
If you have a set period of time you are more likely to stick to it.

5. Draw up a list of people you'd like to follow you
Who are the key influentials, journalists, celebrities and people who have large followings and tweet prolifically about your subject area? Find as many as you can and then follow between 20-40 of them on a daily basis. It is a top tip to start by seeing who is following who in your subject area and then follow them too.

6. But don't expect them all automatically to follow you back
If 20% do than you are doing very well. You will need to interact with them to get their full attention. Retweet their wise words, comment sensibly about their tweets, think long term and build a relationship.

7. Check out the Twitter accounts of your team
Is there anyone with a large personal following? People should be proud of the content they create and should want to tweet about it. If you agree then have a conversation with them and ask them to help promote the project and some of its content.

8. Automate your site's posts so they are tweeted
There are lots of ways of doing this. It is essential that if you follow this route you don't just see it as the ‘Twitter box ticked.' You will not grow your Twitter following if you don't add a personal touch and engage and respond.

9. Don't be afraid to tweet content links more than once
It really is fine to have an automated tweet and then follow it up with a personalised, more creative tweet that links to the same content slightly later.

10. Check your tweets before you press go
It is amazing how easy it is for those typos to creep in. Also ensure that you haven't said anything that could be construed as controversial.

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15thMay 2013

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