The Content Revolution

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If you're in any way connected to the marketing industry, it can't have escaped your notice that there's been a fundamental shift in attention from the traditional platforms to the catch-all concept of content. Marketers, brand owners, publishers, agency heads, planners, creatives, journalists - everyone is talking about content, not as the next big thing, but the big thing.

Every aspect of content marketing has suddenly become hot-topic material, to be discussed, assessed and debated in boardrooms, offices and newsrooms across the world. The sector is going through a seismic shift, as it moves from nice-to-have to must-have for the world's top brands - Google, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, just a few of the global brands joining the thousands already enjoying the effects of content marketing.

Agency growth
Meanwhile the content marketing agencies - the businesses that were always aware of the power of content ­- have been steadily growing their client lists, gaining even more experience and knowledge to become the leading experts in this blossoming sector.

In short, we are in the midst of a content revolution, a dawning realisation that content provides many of the answers that modern marketing demands. Established industry areas such as strategy, creation, distribution and measurement have all increased in complexity and importance, while emerging trends such as brand conversations and real-time content are transforming the way brands create and use their content, with staggering results.

Explosion of content marketing
Revolution is a strong word, but how else to describe it? Content marketing hasn't evolved, it's exploded; it hasn't been transformed, the central concept is unchanged. What's happened is that marketers across the globe have suddenly switched on to the idea that customers want more out of their brand relationships than simple messaging - they want real, long-lasting value.

Content marketing has moved on from the simple creation-and-distribution model. We're now in a new age of intricate planning and pinpoint targeting, with multi-million-pound campaigns giving brands a huge treasure chest of fantastic content to keep their customers hooked and loyal. It's a daunting combination of art and science requiring expert knowledge, technical expertise and creative insight, but one that holds the promise of delivering fantastic results and a genuinely fresh approach to marketing. We know all about it. Do you?

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22ndJul 2013

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