The IDM Annual Lecture: 8 November 2012: Why you need a customer experience strategy

This is your chance to hear Forrester Research Director and customer experience expert, Harley Manning, on why putting the customer at the centre of your business matters more now than any other strategic imperative.

Using detailed case studies, specifically selected for a senior UK marketing audience, Harley Manning will describe a whole new process that involves creating and nurturing a system of interdependent, self-reinforcing, company-wide practices that align employees, partners, processes, policies, and technology around customers.

You'll find the full programme at of this fascinating session at

I'm delighted to announce that Content Marketing Association Members are able to book this event at the IDM Member Rate of just £30 + VAT. If you would like your place email quoting CMOAL or call 020 8614 0277.

This event really is a must - and not just for marketers, so do share this email with colleagues from other disciplines across your business.

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23rdOct 2012

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