The latest news from Volunteer Reading Help

The APA continues to support Volunteer Reading Help, the national charity which inspires generations to achieve their potential and helping children who struggle with their reading to develop a love of reading and learning. We wanted to update you with their latest news.

We are now supporting over 5,000 children each week!

We are now half way through the first term of the academic year and we are currently providing one-to-one literacy support to over 5,000 children each week through our network of over 1,000 highly trained volunteer reading helper working in over 1,000 primary schools.  We operate in the most deprived areas of England and so our volunteers provide literacy support where it is most needed.

We are launching our new evaluation system

Following the arrival of our new CEO, Sue Porto, in October 2010, we have conducted a thorough strategic review of our organisation. As a result of this review, we have recently launched a more robust evaluation of our service, which will enable us to assess the true value that we provide to the children. The new evaluation should ensure a significant increase in the amount of data collected about our service, which will improve the validity of evaluations. It will also gather more extensive data so from next year we will, therefore, be able to offer more specific reports on levels of progress made and more detailed analysis of how this links to the length of time the child has been with our service, etc.  We look forward to sharing these results with you all.

Ministry of Justice report following the recent riots highlights the need for our work, and your support of it

A recent report from the Ministry of Justice showed that just under half (48%) of those involved in the summer riots had left primary school without being able to read to the required standard, highlighting how more than ever our service is needed and why we are so thankful for your continued support of what we do.

VRH Corporate Challenge - launches in 2012!

We are excited to announce that the launch of the very first VRH Corporate Challenge!  The VRH Corporate Challenge pits companies against each other and challenges them to raise at least £10,000 for VRH, whilst at the same time offering learning and development opportunities for those involved through mentors and special team building events.  To date teams from Harrods, Vestra Wealth and HarperCollins have signed up to the Challenge.  You can read about the challenge here or do give me a call if you'd like to find out more.

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21stNov 2011

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