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This week sees Sainsbury's Magazine reveal a political scoop, business users of iPads work more, Diet Coke creates a branded digital fashion channel with Yahoo!, and why content marketing is like a guy in love... 

It is a political scoop for supermarket Sainsbury's. The latest issue of Sainsbury's Magazine - which is produced by Seven - has an exclusive feature on the three party leaders' favourite recipes that they like to cook at home. But that is not all, the magazine has also got a leading behavioural expert to analyse their personalities based on their choices. Read more about it in this Daily Mail article

This is not the only news this week from a UK food retailer; Cedar and technology partner Reactive have developed a child-friendly micro-site for Tesco, Kids' Book Club, which is dedicated to encouraging kids to enjoy reading. The site sits within the website for Tesco magazine. This is a great initiative as recent research revealed that three in 10 UK children own no books

According to the latest data release from content strategy agency Seven's ‘Generation I' survey, iPad owners who use the device for business say they spend more time working since they got their iPad. If that isn't an incentive to provide your employees with company iPads, we don't know what is. Despite 80% of business users of the iPad also owning a smartphone, over a third (35%) said they use the device when commuting and 40% use it when travelling for business.

The survey unveiled some great insight for publishers targeting the business audience - 61% of iPad owners who use the device for business say they are interesting in reading magazines on their tablet. Even better news for B2B brands is that 86% of iPad owners who use the device for business say they would be likely to download a branded app from one of the companies they do business with, if it was free and non-subscription. In fact, 66% of iPad owners who use the device for business agree that ‘companies with iPad apps are innovative', with just 5% disagreeing. 

Meanwhile, the APA has authored B2B Marketing's Content Distribution chapter in its Content Marketing Best Practice Guide, offering expert opinion on the many methods of distribution to ensure your content is delivered in the best format to the right individuals. 

Content is now in the boardroom says Sean King, chief executive of Seven, on his blog. He continues: "It seems that most, if not all, clients, regardless of size, have figured out that a winning content strategy - and delivery, of course - is now business critical rather than just something that sits in the marketing department. Not only is it (content in all its forms - print, web, email, video, mobile, apps) taking an ever increasing share of client spend and therefore senior management focus, but it is now also seen as a revenue stream in its own right."

"Over the next 3 years - which is as far as anyone dares to predict - brands (clients) will become the big media owners, creating (and sharing) content across the existing and new platforms that are springing up." 

Another interesting read over on Cream Global's blog, where they note that "news that both John Lewis and Procter & Gamble are joining the growing number of big retailers creating online magazines to support their e-commerce activity is a sign that these brands are waking up to the power of content to help drive conversion and sales within their online shops. [...] As the user experience is becoming increasingly important, shoppers are looking for more compelling and engaging reasons to keep coming back." It lists Net-a-Porter as one of the best examples of how the use of rich mix media and trend sections help to engage the viewer and push them to purchase items that they would not otherwise be browsing. 

Another brand that is pushing its branded content online is Diet Coke, which has launched its first ever digital fashion channel, in partnership with Yahoo!, as part of the drink's "love it light" campaign. The three-year strategy will see the Yahoo! channel "Style it Light" feature daily fashion features, news, reviews and videos, as well as interactive content tailored to users' personal interest and will link up with a range of fashion partners. 

New Media Age took note that Waitrose has placed a fully personal website, tailored to each individual users, at the heart of its e-commerce strategy. The site which is in the process of being rolled out creates a bespoke version for each user, personalised with Waitrose magazine and website content, such as recipes and product suggestions. Read more about the exciting developments here

"One of the most interesting things about the current apps boom is the way it's throwing different kinds of companies into competition and collaboration - from content owners and brands through to digital agencies, media publishers and games developers of all kinds", writes The Guardian, as it speaks to content design and creation company Somethin' Else. Read the complete blog post here. 

A quite funny comparison from Joe Pulizzi over on content marketing blog this week as he likens content marketing to a guy in love, giving 20 good reasons why so. Most importantly, like in love, content marketing is always about the little things... 

Recent data from comScore reveal that while Google continues to attract the greatest number of unique visitors to its site, Facebook still dwarfs it in terms of average minutes spent per visitor on its site. The data from April shows that engagement on Facebook was the highest out of the 10 most-visited European site. Not surprising really as Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg revealed that over 50 million Facebook usersLike' a brand on any given day

In other social media news Topshop, the Arcadia owned fashion retailer, has launched an in-store digital campaign that allows shoppers to create their ownWish You Were At Topshop' postcard and upload it to their Facebook page. Visitors to Topshop's flagship stores in London, Dublin, Manchester, Liverpool and New York will be able to have a complementary styling and make-up session. They will then have their photo taken, using an iPad2, and then edit the look and feel of the image using the Instagram app.

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3rdJun 2011

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