Trinity Mirror selects content discovery solution Outbrain as multi-platform partner to drive increased engagement and page views across desktop, video and mobile platforms

Trinity Mirror, one of the largest multimedia publishers in the UK, has chosen content discovery solution Outbrain as a provider of content recommendations across its portfolio of digital newspaper brands.

Outbrain will be used to increase user engagement via personalised recommendations for all digital platforms including Mirror Online,, Wales Online and Liverpool Echo.

Trinity Mirror will use Outbrain's complete solution for content recommendation covering articles and video content across the publisher's online network and mobile properties, reflecting the growing importance of multi-platform engagement.

As well as providing internal links to boost engagement, Trinity Mirror will use Outbrain to generate revenue by recommending external third-party content.  This content is displayed, when relevant, to users alongside Trinity Mirror's own content. This will create an additional revenue stream for the publisher, as it receives income when users click on links to external sources.

Ian Dowds, Managing Director - Digital Media, said: "In testing, Outbrain offered impressive results in terms of engagement and click-through rates across our digital properties.

"With the increasing levels of news being consumed on mobile devices, keeping readers engaged and interested across various digital platforms is centrally important to us. Outbrain offered us a complete solution to provide interesting content to our readers across our entire digital newspaper portfolio."

Simon Edelstyn Managing Director of Outbrain Europe said: "Outbrain will work to support Trinity Mirror's primary objective of improving engagement and page views, whilst also offering a new, incremental revenue stream. We are delighted to have been selected as Trinity Mirror's exclusive partner, providing robust and reliable recommendations to drive engagement across its online properties."

At the core of Outbrain are a series of sophisticated algorithms that identify content that will be uniquely interesting to each reader, rather than just contextually similar. This means users receive more relevant and personalised content that keeps them engaged on the site for longer.

 In the UK, Outbrain is being implemented on over 200 sites, including Sky News, The Daily Express and Future Publishing. Outbrain recently extended its global reach to include France and Germany. Worldwide, Outbrain now is serving on over 50 billion content recommendations per month, with over 700 premium publisher partnerships.

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13thNov 2012

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