UK Marketer study shows increase for digital and video marketing

Martini Media, a global media and advertising company, released findings of its UK brand marketer study, which was conducted in conjunction with iMedia UK. The study, which took place during March and April 2013, surveyed 226 marketing professionals, including both brand advertisers (43%) and agencies (57%). The survey aimed to determine where brands are prioritizing marketing efforts in 2013 and beyond - particularly those marketers targeting affluent consumers.

Key findings include:

  • 95% will increase their digital marketing spend in 2013
  • 84% agree they can research consumers by aggregating niche sites to target their ideal audience
  • 75% of marketers believe high impact ads can breakthrough as much as TV and print
  • 71% use digital for building brand awareness
  • 63% will increase social media efforts
  • 48% of total budget will go to digital

You can read the full article at Yahoo Finance here.

Releted items: 

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21stMay 2013

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