Velocity to live-stream event as Wavecast®

CMA's Live Event Platform Partner Wavecast Pro are working with Velocity to live-stream their conference as a Wavecast®.  

The conference, the first in a series of one off events presented by Digitally Sick, in partnership with PMLiVE, aims to bring together pharmaceutical marketers and other pharmaceutical professionals from across functions who want to add demonstrable value to their businesses through the innovative application and integration of digital channels.

"The benefits of enabling an online audience access to a live event have been proven beyond any doubt," remarked Hellen Beveridge, Marketing Director at Wavecast® Pro. "Digitally Sick are part of a growing number of organisations who are embracing the value of drawing all of their audiences into a single destination, enabling them to talk and interact with one another before, during and after a live and online broadcast.

"Our primary aim is to create a proactive digital pharma conversation which has both shape and structure, but which is not confined by the number of individuals that can be accommodated in a single room, " explains Andrew Sprong, one of the Digitally Sick team members involved in the development of the Velocity programme. "Working with Wavecast® Pro means that we will be able to push the debate beyond the walls of the physical venue which will add depth, value and longevity to the debate."

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2ndApr 2013

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