Week in content marketing: 11 June

The most common content marketing mistakes, why agencies are best for content creation and the rise of tablets. Plus content marketing's role in email, changes at Facebook and Vine and how US companies are using content in advertising.

So what are the seven deadly sins of content marketing? How about thinking that content is easy to produce? Or maybe even deciding that just sending out the odd release will suffice? The Guardian has a feature on these and five other mistakes that brands make when attempting content marketing. More here.

Content and data - the perfect marriage for email - New Media Knowledge also has a post on the rise of content in email by Tim Watson, Email Marketing Consultant at Emailvision. It does however argue that while content is a fantastic tool for creating engagement with readers, brands need to use it as a way of getting as much data as possible from them. More here.

Indie magazines worth checking out- On the CMA website we have taken a peek at five indie magazines that have either experimented with new business plans or unveiled ground breaking designs. One of the most innovative is Freestyle Magazine, an arts and design publication which has a round format and comes inside a frisbee (yes you read that right!). CMA members White Light and The Church Of London also get the nod for a pair of excellent publications in Hot Rum Cow and Huck. More here.

Facebook makes booking ads easier - If you use Facebook to promote your brand or your website then you'll know that there is a bewildering array of different ad formats you can choose from. Well there is still plenty of choice, but Facebook has rationalised the process to a degree and cut the number of units. Wallblog has the details. More here.

Vine goes Android - Several months after its high profile launch there's still quite a buzz about Vine, the video platform which was created by Twitter. This week it significantly expanded its reach as Twitter made Vine available to Android users - it had previously been iPhone only. So far Vine has 13 million users including several brands. More here.

Peroni unveils content hub - MC Saatchi, which is best known as an advertising agency, has in the last few years been involved in some high profile branded content experiments, most notably the Top Man Generation digital magazine. The agency has now launched House of Peroni content hub for the Italian beer brand, which features the work of emerging Italian creative talent across art, design, fashion, photography, film, music and cuisine. More here.

Content driven ads in the US - If you want to see how brands are using content marketing in the US then The Huffington Post has a feature which focuses on one key sector - mobile. It uses a series of examples to show how brands are using video or content driven advertising on sites like BuzzFeed to get their message to consumers. More here.

SEO and content marketing - what's the difference? SEJ has an article that attempts to crystallise what it feels are the differences between content marketing and SEO companies. Its conclusions, which really only apply to a small section of content marketing, are that ‘SEO companies make decisions based on search-driven data and analytics, whereas a content marketing agency makes its decisions based on more audience-driven data and general content creation knowledge.' More here.

Tablet sales rocket - Econsultancy has an update on how many people are buying tablets and what they are using them for. According to a report commissioned by GlobalWebIndex tablet usage in Q1 2013 was up 282% year-on-year. It adds that the top five activities undertaken by tablet owners were checking the weather (67%), watching video clips (65%), using webmail (64%), checking information on music, leisure or entertainment (63%) and using social networks (60%). More here.

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