Week in content marketing: 13th August

This week we take a look at how not to do things. From ways brands annoy readers on social media through to the features that are likely to get readers leaving your website. There's also advice on viral videos, a new video format to explore and a look at which is the right colour for branding.

How to get readers to leave your website! - There are many reasons why readers leave a website quickly. Econsultancy has compiled a large list of them from pop-up page ads through to sites that insist you log in first. What annoys you the most?

Argos does AR - More and more brands are experimenting with Augmented Reality and you can now add Argos to that list. The retailer has added AR functionality to its latest catalogue so you can get more details about a product as well a view a video of it.

Gmail upgrade and brands - The recent re-organisation of Gmail sounds like a minor tweak, but it actually has profound implications for brands who use email lists. Wallblog examines how the different tabs that Google has introduced work and what brands need to do now to optimise their emails to ensure they reach their target.

What annoys you about brands on social media most? Over posting? Spelling mistakes? Trying too hard to be funny? Disruptive Communications carried out a survey looking at what turns consumers off about brands on social media and you can see the results and infographic on Wallblog.

Is it time for mobile first? - If you are producing a website is now the time to start thinking about mobile first and then worry about what the site will look like on laptops and PCs afterwards?  Nick Marsh, VP of Sales and Publisher Development - EMEA at Mojiva, talks here about creating a mobile strategy and makes a few predictions as to what the future of websites will be.

How videos go viral - Twitter's research team has pulled together some examples of how video goes viral on the micro blogging network. There's a look at a Vine, a cultural video and a brand campaign and the article on The Drum then compares how they took off with Twitter offering some key insights.

Content Marketing fails - The Guardian has taken a look at how both Facebook and Tumblr failed to deliver when they debuted content marketing strategies last year. Ryan Skinner, a senior analyst for content marketing at Forrester Research, contrasts this with LinkedIn's success at incorporating content marketing within its strategy and concludes that the key is to ensure that all content marketing needs a clear business strategy before it is implemented.

YouTube launches Vine/Instagram rival MixBit - After Vine and Instagram comes yet another mini video format this time from YouTube. MixBit is similar to its rivals in that it enables users to record 16 second video clips. The key difference is, unlike its rivals, MixBit users can edit together up to 256 clips, creating up to an hour long video. The site also lets users access public MixBit content as well as their own personal uploads. Definitely one for brands to keep an eye on.

What is the right colour to use for branding? Well the most popular one turns out to be blue. That is the conclusion of a study of some of the world's most popular brands. The survey, undertaken by Marketo, found that one third of them predominantly use blue in branding materials, whilst red and greyscale came in at 29% and 28% respectively.

What is Constrained Media? - Finally, in a fascinating and very perceptive article Andrew Chen looks at the rise of what he calls ‘Constrained Media.' By that he means a category of products that invite users to create content on a platform, but with arbitrary constraints. The most famous is of course Twitter, but we also now have Vine, Instagram and MixBit in the video space and SnapChat and Dribbble in images. Chen is looking at the rise from a developer/entrepreneur's perspective but there are going to be issues for brands to address if constrained media continues to flourish.

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13thAug 2013

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