Week in content marketing: 16th April

This week sees one of the first Android tablet magazines from a UK content marketing agency, a discussion about how to define and who owns the term content marketing and some useful tech tools for content marketing agencies.

A growing number of publishers are now creating apps for the Google Play (Android Phones and tablets) platform as well as for iOS (iPhones and iPads). And this is reflected in the news that Cedar is now making its Nikon Pro interactive tablet magazine available to Android users via the Play Store.

The title, which has been available as a tablet edition since 2011, showcases the best of Nikon photography from the print edition while integrating video, live weblinks, pushes to social media and more.

Cedar have also made the first five editions of Nikon Pro tablet edition available for download on Google Play. There are now a growing number of Android tablet devices including the Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Tab. There's more info here.

The move comes in a week where research agency Canalys has highlighted that Android apps are now getting more downloads than Apple ones.

Apparently just over half (51%) of all apps downloaded during the first quarter of 2013 were from the Google Play store. The study found that the four leading app stores (Google, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows) had a total of 13.4 billion downloads during Q1, generating revenue of $2.2bn.

However Canalys thinks that the publishers might help push through a change in the way consumers download apps

"The Apple-Google duopoly creates certain challenges for app publishers, carriers, investors and device vendors, so there is intense interest in the possible emergence of a third ecosystem," said Adam Daum, Canalys' chief analyst of analytics.

In case you missed them there are couple of insightful stories on the CMA website.

First up our very own CEO Clare Hill tackles an issue that many of our members have been pondering recently - what exactly is content marketing?

Clare reports that, ‘The CMA and its steering committee members have confirmed the content marketing industry definition as:

Content marketing is the discipline of creating quality branded editorial content across all media channels and platforms to deliver engaging relationships, consumer value and measurable success for brands.'

So why it important to have a definition? Well Clare thinks that it is about making sure that the CMA and its members own the content marketing space.

‘Whether it's PR agencies positioning themselves as content marketing agencies or the SEO sector adopting it to define itself, we need to ensure that we position ourselves not simply as industry leaders, but as the entire industry itself, using our expertise and knowledge to offer brands a valuable and effective content-marketing service.'

There's also an important article about the importance of strategy in content marketing.

The CMA says that strategy is absolutely vital to the content marketing industry and there is a reason why content marketing agencies are so good as it. It is because they are so used to making a huge number of choices.

The CMA says that content marketing strategy pulls together a number of mediums over a longer length of time to perform a number of key roles. Those roles could be anything from simple brand awareness to the more complex loyalty scheme launch.

‘Whatever it is, a campaign will stand or fall on the strength of its strategy, which is why most CMA members adopt a strategy-first approach when it comes to working with a brand.'

Another must read this week is at Econsultancy where Chris Gorell Barnes, CEO of Adjust Your Set, asks the question is Editorial the new E in E-commerce.

To illustrate his argument Gorell Barnes highlights how brands as diverse as and Marks & Specner use editorial to help turn casual browsers into customers.

He argues, ‘Nowadays launching a content offering without the integration of a transactional layer misses an opportunity to convert audience to customer, and ultimately to that essential trust between brand and consumer.'

An interesting perspective on the wider content marketing industry is delivered by respected US blog VentureBeat. In a post entitled The state of Content Marketing (and where it's really headed) Sunil Rajaraman the founder and CEO of, a marketplace for businesses to hire freelance writers, stresses that there isn't a one solution fits all for brands' content marketing strategy.

Rajaraman is very keen on the role that technology might have to play in the future of content marketing. While some UK content marketing agencies might find themselves wincing at a couple of his conclusions, the article does provide a very useful list of tech resources - some of which - like Editorial Management Tools and Content Recommendation Engines may prove very useful to CMA members. There's more here.

Finally there's a very useful piece at Business 2 Community which offer top tips on how agencies can use hashtags on Twitter (and other platforms) to promote their content. More here.

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