Week in content marketing: 19th August

This week some encouraging growth figures for digital magazines, how to design editorial content for mobile phones and the importance of building an email list. Plus how to target the young (and the over 65s) as well as a profile of a video mobile start up that could be very useful to publishers.

Strong growth for digital magazines - The latest ABC figures report solid growth for consumer focused digital magazines like GQ and Cosmopolitan. Wallblog has an infographic which takes the figures apart.

A compendium of classic magazine covers and designs - Here is a very worthwhile project. My Favo(u)rite Magazine features images and words contributed by 88 magazine makers from around the world, including senior names from the New York Times Magazine, Pentagram, Anorak, Harper's Bazaar, Port, Bloomberg Businessweek, Eye and NME. The book has been created to support designer Bob Newman who faces huge medical bills after his recent accident.

How to design editorial content for smartphones - the expert view - The Media Briefing asked three senior media figures to offer top tips on designing editorial content for smartphones. Their top tip - think about performance and usability.

Twitter's message to brands - tweet more! - Some interesting stats from Twitter which reports that people do respond to branded tweets and that this translates to in-store purchases.

The importance of building an email list for publishers - Once again a word for publishers on the importance of building up and maintaining a healthy email list and the impact that it can have on your online traffic.

Rockport - a video mobile start up that you should be keeping tabs on - A profile of Rockport, an interesting start up that makes it easy for people and brands to create personalised video channels to share content, as well as to subscribe to video content from friends, influencers and celebrities. It sees itself as doing for video what Pinterest has done for images.

How brands should target 18-24 year olds - content, mobile and social media - An entrepreneur whose websites targets youngsters, offers some advice to brands on how they can build and maintain relationships with students.

Over 65s get into social media - A new report suggests that the number of over 65s using social media has tripled in the last four years.

The importance of influencers in a content marketing strategy - How to harness influencers to make the most of your content marketing strategy.

The 10 worst social media mistakes that brands make - A timely reminder of some of the worst mistakes brands can make when creating a social media strategy.

The benefits of high quality branded content - How high quality branded content can affect traffic, search results and more.

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19thAug 2013

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