Week in content marketing: 22nd July

This week, a look at the importance of return on investment to content marketing, the relationship between branded content and social media and issues UK brands face with Facebook and Pinterest. Plus an examination of the language of brands, a profile of a start-up that targets content marketing brands and agencies and a quick glance at what is coming in tablet technology.

What is the language of your brand? - The most read post on Marketing Week this week is a rather surprising one. It simply asks - what is the language of your brand? And then goes on to detail how O2, Nationwide and Cisco and others subscribe to a belief that brands who have a clear tone of voice have an edge when it comes to brand building.

‘Yes, we have our logos, our bubbles and colour palette but language for me is one of our biggest brand-building weapons,' says Kat Ward-Smith, head of campaigns and brand experience, O2. ‘We have 23 million customers, 10,000 employees and every minute of the day we are talking to those customers and trying to find new ones. We can make a beautiful TV ad and do the billboards but it is that one-to-one daily conversation that is also important.' More here.

Content marketing and ROI - High profile US blog Venturebeat boasts an interesting perspective from David Greschler CEO of PaperShare who tackles an issue that many brands and agencies wrestle with - how to turn ensure that content marketing delivers a return on investment? He asks the question: ‘what do 100 likes of an infographic on Facebook, 1,000 views of a video on YouTube or 10,000 downloads of a presentation actually translate to?' Greschler concludes that what is needed is a way to know who is looking at content marketing no matter where they find it - and a way for sales to engage with viewers and turn them into customers. He finishes by stressing that the future of content marketing must allow marketers to directly calculate the return on their efforts. More here.

Facebook's mobile traffic soars - Facebook's attempt to grow its mobile offering appears to be paying dividends. The social network said that use of its service in the US and UK increased by 20% during June this year, compared with last year. The company is using the figures to spearhead a new campaign to attract advertisers. The company also said that people open the Facebook app on average 10-15 times per day. The figures highlight how Facebook is contributing to the surge in mobile web traffic and that UK content marketers need to have the mobile-optimised content to address this. More here.

Search is changing says Google - In what sounded like a fascinating speech to the IAB Google's head of performance Matt Bush has called time on search as we currently understand it. ‘The way of doing things yesterday is gone. We need to be looking constantly at data, analytics and other things to ensure we stay ahead of constantly connected consumers,' he said. Bush added that mobile was still an untapped audience for marketers, while voice search would have a profound impact on search in several ways. More here.

UK retailers take to Pinterest - Pinterest continues to grow as tool which retailers use to connect with their customers. Last year Econsultancy took a look at how ten top UK retailers use the service and the website has just updated its findings twelve months on. It notes that the brands that only pin images of its own products are nowhere near as successful as those which share its own goods but also images from other users too. The article says that British brands who seem to be getting the mix right include Argos and Tesco. More here.

Tablet PC market gets even more complicated - The splintering of the tablet market has provided significant headaches for some content marketers who now have to produce interactive digital magazines in more than one format. However, after a year which has seen its market share significantly dented by Android based tablets from Samsung, Sony and Amazon, Apple is apparently on course to hit back in the Autumn. Digitimes has an update on both the Apple iPad 5 (which it claims will have a very high resolution screen, as well as being thinner and lighter than its predecessors), and the iPad mini 2. More here.

Why social media needs content marketing - B2C has an interesting article which looks at the relationship between social media and content marketing. The author argues that social media without content marketing is of limited use for brands. They then point to several companies whose content marketing strategy, which includes content creation and curation yet also has a social media base, has yielded dividends. More here.

Start-up Kapost targets brands and content marketing agencies - There is a growing number of start-up business that are aiming themselves at the content marketing industry. Skyword is an interesting US one, while RollUp Media is developing content marketing as a form of online advertising in the UK. TechCrunch has a profile on another company, Kapost, which has just attracted some very significant investment. Kapost offers companies a suite of tools including a workflow system for creating branded content, a publishing system that can push this content to a wide range of platforms, and analytics systems for tracking the content's success. Its offering might prove useful to agencies too in the long run. More here.

Content marketing spend in the UK rises - A new survey has highlighted how much the content marketing industry has grown in the UK. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and the Direct Marketing Association UK found that about 64% of the UK based content marketers expected to ‘increase' or ‘significantly increase' their budget in 2014. More here.

More apps are free - Net Imperative has the details of a new survey which reports that the number of paid-for apps in the Apple App store is dwindling. The survey, conducted by app analytics provider Flurry, concluded that 90% of all apps are now free, a significant leap from the early days  of the App store where paid-for apps were more prevalent. More here.

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