Week in content marketing: 23rd April

It has been a very good month for Story Worldwide. The agency has been named an Official Honoree by the prestigious Webby awards for its work across three brands. Story's work on Epica Wines was named a Webby Honoree in the Food & Beverage category, while its WGN America social media campaign for How I Met Your Mother and iPad book-app, Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night, both earned nominations in the Entertainment, Social Content and Marketing and Education & Reference categories respectively. There are more details here.

It has also been a good month for August with a pair of its staff members shortlisted for the British Society of Magazine Editors' Rising Star Awards. Janetta Willis was recognised in the Best Subbing Team category for her work on Kinleigh Folkard and Hayward's Completely London. Meanwhile Giulia Galati was included in the Best Picture Editor/Researcher category for her work on live for IKEA FAMILY, KFH's Completely London and Ocado SHOP. More here.

After some difficult months there's a degree of confidence creeping back into company marketing departments. The latest IPA Bellwether survey reveals that there was little change in marketing budgets during Q1 2013. It does however report that confidence in company finance is at the highest it has been for a year. 36% of the surveyed marketing execs said that they are planning to raise 2013 budgets relative to last year.  You can read the full article by MediaTel here.

One of the big issues for any website publisher at the moment is working out a strategy for ‘Responsive Design' so that the site is optimised for all the platforms it is seen on, whether they be desktop, mobile or tablet. Wallblog has an excellent feature by Shane Casey, deputy creative director at Mason Zimbler, who not only unpacks the concept in detail, he then suggests some sites that are doing it well.

Another feature on Wallblog that is well worth a read focuses on how brands are currently using Facebook and how they drive engagement. The article, written by James Mulrennan, Social Media Director at Bell Pottinger Wired then gives ten top tips on how to keep fans coming back to your page.

Most of his tips are fairly obvious, but it is well worth a read if you are working on a branded Facebook page. It is here.

Heavyweight US news and business site Forbes is in the midst of a season of articles about content marketing. The latest post comes from Brian Yang from Internet Marketing Inc. In it he cites Kraft and Wholefoods as two US brands that have created content marketing projects in an innovative way.

Yang argues, ‘the key ingredient in Kraft's success with content marketing is their openness to new opportunities and the active monitoring of customer needs. Many companies would be smart to adopt Kraft's attitude towards content marketing.'

Yang exhorts companies to get to grips with the concept of content marketing now. He says, ‘it's no longer about IF you should do content marketing. It's now a question of HOW and WHEN you execute it.' The article is here.

Finally there's a very interesting article at on the rise of BuzzFeed and what the site can offer marketeers. BuzzFeed is the viral-driven site that has amassed a huge following in the last two years. In case you missed it a UK version of the site launched to much acclaim a few weeks ago.

In the article Sarah Marshall quizzes Andy Wiedlin, BuzzFeed's chief revenue officer about the concept of social content marketing.

‘The BuzzFeed solution is to create shareable content for brands. The test is to ask ‘would you want to see this content in your Facebook feed?,' says Wiedlin.

A campaign for the Toyota Prius car, for example, highlighted the smaller size of the vehicle through a collection of pictures of bad parking, and created a list of hybrid animals (such as the zebroid and wolphin).

This could well be something that content marketing agencies could explore to promote the websites they produce for clients. As with all Buzzfeed content the stories need to be visually arresting and viral - things that CMA members are already very adept at producing.

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