Week in content marketing: 25th June

A prestigious award for PCP's magazine economia, Axonn Media rated highly in digital agency list and White Light's Hot Rum Cow is back. Plus views on the future of blogging, the opportunity for brands in Instagram Video and how much traffic you get if you land the top spot for a search query on Google.

Whisky magazine is back - A few weeks ago we ran a story about five great indie magazines that we think are inspiring. High on that list was Hot Rum Cow, a magazine from CMA member White Light Media. Well the good news is that issue three of the magazine is ready and boasts features on whisky's murky and subversive past, American, Irish, Japanese, Swedish and even English whiskies and the usual selection of news and opinions. The magazine is available from here, in various stores and from the Apple Store as an iPad version. More here.

Axonn Media rated a top digital agency - Good news for Axonn Media which has been ranked as one of the most important UK digital agencies by Econsultancy. The company, which also includes the ContentPlus, NewsReach and ReelContent brands, came in at number 42 on the list of 100 top UK agencies. More here.

PCP designer scoops top award - Progressive Customer Publishing (PCP)'s economia has already won several awards. Now it can add to that list a gong for Art Director Ewan Buck who won Designer of the Year (Business Media) this week at the prestigious PPA Awards. The magazine, which is created by PCP for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), has a huge circulation of 160,000 leaders in business and finance. Buck was praised by the judges for creating a ‘beautiful, fun and playful product' in economia,' who cited his ‘fantastic use of typefaces and infographics that really enhance the subject matter.' More here.

Instagram goes video: A huge opportunity for brands says Marketing Week - The big tech story this week was the announcement of Instagram's video option - a rival to the app Vine which was launched a few months back by Twitter. The Instagram version won a lot of praise and some critics rated it as being a significant improvement over its rival. Marketing Week was quick to see the potential for brands of the format with Lara O'Reilly predicting that it would establish itself quickly as a firm favourite with brands who want to connect with audiences via Facebook. More here.

Has blogging had its day? - Every few months there seems to be a media discussion about the future of blogging. Back in December 2012 Fast Company predicted that platforms like Medium might make blogging redundant. Now Wallblog is reporting that the New York Times is looking to rationalise the number of blogs it publishes. The theory is that newspapers have become so blogs like anyhow that there is no longer a requirement for separate blogs.  More here.

Top tips for branded video - Also on Wallblog, American based marketer Luke Clum has posted an opinion on how he thinks that marketing execs can improve their brand's social media output via video. He lists a series of points to bear in mind before creating video content for brands - namely telling a story, creating value and knowing the audience. He then cites several examples of brands who have created effective video content. More here.

How much traffic do you get if you are top of Google's search page? - Ever wondered what percentage of traffic for search terms you are likely to receive if you are top of the list on Google? Chikita has undertaken research, which has been reported by Econsultancy that shows if you are top of the list you can apparently expect to see around 33% of the overall traffic. If you are number two then you will on average receive 17.2%, while if you are at the bottom of the page you can still expect to attract 0.4%. More here.

Content marketing magazine launched - Contently, which is an online directory for freelance journalists who specialise in content marketing, has produced a magazine specifically focused on the decline of traditional journalism and the rise of content marketing. Aimed at brands, publishers, and freelancers, The Content Strategist features analysis, video interviews and in-depth stories. Its first print issue appears to have already sold out. More here.

Branded content that inspires consumers - In what is perhaps a sign of the times, the US edition of The Huffington Post appears to be running stories about content marketing at least once a week. Its latest feature was written by Amanda Fayer from Newscred and offers a series of tips mainly to tech brands on how to create content marketing material. Its core message is that brands need to inspire creativity by getting their consumers involved in their marketing outreach. More here.

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