Week in content marketing: 27th August

Brands keen on Tumblr - A new survey shows that brands are continuing to flock to blogging platform Tumblr. Its recent purchase by Yahoo has, if anything, encouraged brands to use the service even more.

How Amazon could change digital publishing - Brand Republic has a look at the new agreement in the US between Amazon and Condé Nast whereby Amazon handles both digital and print sales and also distribution for the company. However unlike Apple's Newsstand system Amazon passes on all subscriber details directly to the publisher. Could this move spell a significant change in the publishing landscape?

The future of print - As part of a series looking at print The Drum has asked a group of industry influentials to predict how print and digital content will become more integrated in the future, and how this might impact on marketers.

So what advantages does print have over digital? The Drum also asks some industry thought leaders to put the case for print. They argue that print is more visually arresting than digital and is perceived by consumers as being more prestigious.

The rise of lists in publishing - The Guardian tracks the rise of the listicle -  an article which has numbered points. It highlights how the listicle was actually originally used by print titles but is now being used by sites like The Huffington Post as a serious way of monetising content.

All you need to know about Vine - Here is an interesting update about Twitter's video platform Vine and how it has responded to the challenge of its Facebook-backed rival -  Instagram video. It has survived the initial challenge and is establishing itself as an option for brands.

Google Glass and publishing apps - The team at Econsultancy got their turn with Google Glass recently and made these interesting observations, which include a word or two how about publisher apps work on the new gadget.

How to deal with commenters - Responded to comments on your website recently? Econsultancy has a story that offers advice to publishers on how to handle comments on their sites especially when they are spam or abusive in nature.

Tips for creating branded video - If you want people to watch your branded video then you need to give people what they want to watch, argues Rob Crombie Head of Video at Sneak & Group FMG. He says - why create a video that you wouldn't want to watch yourself as a consumer?

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27thAug 2013

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