Week in content marketing: 4th June

The growth of B2B content marketing, Heineken announces new project with Wardour and a man who has written over 1000 blog posts shares his top tips. Also this week Mag+ makes it easier to produce Android apps, a basic introduction to content marketing and a not too serious look at what is going on inside the minds of content designers.

Wardour wins new Heineken business - Wardour has announced that it has been appointed by Heineken in the UK to help plan and deliver its 2013 cask ale campaign for the trade and consumers.

Wardour, which already works the company on other marketing initiatives, won the business after a competitive pitch. It will now develop its ‘Discover Cask' concept starting with a catalogue that will go out to 6,500 licensees across the UK showcasing Heineken's cask beers. More here.

B2B content marketing flourishing - One of the most important recent articles about the UK content marketing industry has just been published by Marketing Week. Entitled ‘It's Business Not As Usual In The New Era Of Content' it focuses on the way that B2B brands are using content in ever more imaginative ways to attract new customers and engage with their partners. As you'd expect CMA members feature prominently (there's a case study that profiles Economia which is produced by Progressive Customer Publishing and is the magazine and website of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) and our very own MD Clare Hill adds her opinion too. More here.

Mag+ ups the ante in Android app creation - Sales of Android devices, both phones and tablets, continue to shoot ever upward, so not surprisingly there is now a significant demand for Android magazine apps. CMA partner Mag+ has responded to this by releasing an upgrade that means that designers can create Android apps by creating one design for all Android tablets or phones. The company says that this will ensure minimum loss in quality between the devices. In that the 1280x800-pixel design will scale up or down in high quality for any Android device, including Kindle Fire tablets. Similarly, a single phone-optimised design can cover all Android phones. More here.

Basic intro to content marketing - The Guardian has a sponsored article by Jonny Rose, product evangelist for idio who has written a good basic primer about what content marketing is and how it works. He boils it down to this:

‘The antidote to this has been for brands to start seeking 'permission' to gain consumers' attention. And what better way to gain permission to get someone's attention than when they are actually looking for you. Or at least something you can help with. Content marketing has emerged then as means to reach people who are continually looking for information, entertainment or help. Brands can use content marketing to pull people in who aren't necessarily interested in a specific product but instead meeting a need-state behind the product purchase.'

He then cites a series of examples of how brands are working in content marketing and their lifestyle-centric, rather than product-centric approach. I am not sure that CMA members will agree with all he says but nevertheless it is a worthwhile read.  More here.

Podcasting for brands - Ever been asked to create a podcast for a client? Podcasting remains a niche area in content marketing but the team at SEJ thinks that it could be very beneficial to some businesses. It offers a series of views on why brands should consider podcasts and how they should approach creating them. More here.

The Camping and Caravanning Club renews print contract - In one of the longest running relationships between a brand and a printing company the Wyndeham Group has been delivering printed material for The Camping and Caravanning Club for 22 years. Well it is now going to make that at least 25 years as the club has extended the company's contract to produce its monthly magazine, series of regular handbooks and guidebooks. More here.

What can you learn from 1000 blog posts? - How many blog posts have you written? Chances are that you can't quite compete with Econsultancy's David Moth who, in 18 months at the company, has notched more than 1000 blog posts. In a fascinating article he shares 11 things that he has learned in that time. His tips include breaking up posts with sub headings and the importance of lists. More here.

Responsive design and email - It is quite likely that one of your clients is asking questions about responsive design. At Wallblog, James Murray, the Digital Insight Manager for Experian Marketing Services, offers an intriguing perspective on how responsive design can impact on the effectiveness of marketing emails. More here.

Profits from digital publishing - Brand Republic has a profile of a company that has fully embraced digital and is making a large percentage of its revenue from its various websites and interactive magazine platforms. Mark Wood, CEO of Future Publishing, told the magazine that digital advertising now represents 57 per cent of total advertising, up from 47 per cent a year ago. He hopes that digital revenues will mean that the company returns to profit later in 2013  - it made a slight loss in the year to March 31st.  More here.

What is going on inside the minds of your designers? - Also on Wallblog is this wonderful infographic. It is a bit of fun that attempts to work out what is going on in the minds of website and magazine designers. It is very tongue in cheek but I am sure some of it - like the Unicorn Death Match - might ring true.  More here.

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