CMA Services

A significant proportion of the CMA's work is carried out through its services – eight key areas that provide members, clients and media planners with an accessible and practical toolkit of facts, figures, education, advice, support, best practice, events and insight.

Not only do these services provide member agencies with the information they need to drive their businesses forward, they promote the content marketing industry and the potential of the medium to the wider marketing world, encouraging new business and overall growth so that content marketing continues to expand and develop.

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CMA Advance | Promoting content marketing

CMA Advance is a free service which helps clients who have new business enquiries find the right agency for their brief. The CMA facilitates an impartial briefing process that enables CMA members to supply an outline of their credentials for the brief, providing clients with a shortlist of suitable agencies that they can invite to pitch for the work.

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CMA EVENTS | Celebrating content marketing

Every year, the CMA organise a huge number of events, seminars and forums, all designed to educate, inform and celebrate, with the single aim of showcasing the industry and giving more business power to our members.

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CMA RESEARCH | Insights into content marketing

CMA Research monitors the trends and developments within the content marketing industry using key reports and studies into the medium. The service not only commissions vital research into the size of the industry and effectiveness of the content it produces, it also offers research advice to members and clients.

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CMA Training | Educating about content marketing

CMA training courses have been created specifically for CMA members, and are all directly relevant to the industry and job role needs. All courses for small groups only, up to a maximum of 8 attendees (6 for the Big Pitch). If a course is full up, CMA will be operating a reserve list, and an extra date will be scheduled if required to accommodate everyone.

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CMA COVERAGE | Driving awareness of Content Marketing

As the industry body for content marketing the CMA helps to drive awareness of the discipline and its membership, securing media coverage that informs media, marketing and vertical sectors.

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CMA WORLD | Globalising content marketing

CMA World is the international consultancy service which promotes the UK as the global leader in content marketing. As well as commissioning research into content marketing trends across the globe, the CMA also coordinate the International Content Marketing Forum (ICMF), a group of 17 countries whose representatives meet regularly to discuss the leading issues in the global publishing arena.

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